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[Anonymous].  2006.  Nitrous oxide emissions from secondary activated sludge in nitrifying conditions of urban wastewater treatment plants: Effect of oxygenation level. Water Research. 40(15):2972-2980.
[Anonymous].  2006.  Nitrogen removal in a wastewater treatment plant through biofilters: nitrous oxide emissions during nitrification and denitrification. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering. 29(5-6):323-333.
[Anonymous].  2008.  Nitrous oxide emissions from denitrifying activated sludge of urban wastewater treatment plants, under anoxia and low oxygenation. Bioresource Technology. 99(7):2200-2209.
[Anonymous].  2007.  Emissions d’oxyde nitreux lors du traitement de l’azote en station d’épuration. Cas de l’agglomération parisienne. Eau, Industrie, Nuisances. 302:71-74.
[Anonymous].  2007.  Émissions d’oxyde nitreux lors du traitement de l’azote des eaux usées de l’agglomération parisienne : état actuel et prévisions. Revue des sciences de l'eau / Journal of Water Science. 20(1):149-161.
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