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Tamtam F, van Oort F, Le Bot B, Dinh T, Mompelat S, Chevreuil M, Lamy I, Thiry M.  2011.  Assessing the fate of antibiotic contaminants in metal contaminated soils four years after cessation of long-term waste water irrigation. Science of The Total Environment. 409(3):540-547.
[Anonymous].  2008.  Buffer capacity and Cu affinity of soil particulate organic matter (POM) size fractions. European Journal of Soil Science. 59(2):304-314.
[Anonymous].  2007.  Changes in soil organic matter chemical properties after organic amendments. Chemosphere. 68(7):1245-1253.
[Anonymous].  2010.  Fate of airborne metal pollution in soils as related to agricultural management: 2. Assessing the role of biological activity in micro-scale Zn and Pb distributions in A, B and C horizons. European Journal of Soil Science. 61(4):514-524.
Hedde M, van Oort F, Lamy I.  2012.  Functional traits of soil invertebrates as indicators for exposure to soil disturbance. Environmental Pollution. 164:59-65.
[Anonymous].  2008.  Impacts of long-term waste-water irrigation on the development of sandy Luvisols: consequences for metal pollutant distributions. European Journal of Soil Science. 59(5):925-938.
[Anonymous].  2009.  Interactions between metals and soil organic matter in various particle size fractions of soil contaminated with waste water. Geoderma. 149(3-4):217-223.
Labanowski J, Monna F, Bermond A, Cambier P, Fernandez C, Lamy I, van Oort F.  2008.  Kinetic extractions to assess mobilization of Zn, Pb, Cu, and Cd in a metal-contaminated soil: EDTA vs. citrate. Environmental Pollution. In Press,
[Anonymous].  2007.  Long-term fate of exogenous metals in a sandy Luvisol subjected to intensive irrigation with raw wastewater. Environmental Pollution. 145(1):31-40.
Kochem Mallmann F J, Rheinheimer dos Santos D, Cambier P, Labanowski J, Lamy I, Santanna M A, Tessier D, van Oort F.  2012.  Using a two site-reactive model for simulating one century changes of Zn and Pb concentration profiles in soils affected by metallurgical fallout. Environmental Pollution. 162:294-302.