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The mission of the InfoSol service unit is to build national environmental information systems related to soils at the scale of France and to document the evolution of their quality, in connection with environmental research observatories (ORE / SOERE) and cropping systems. InfoSol works in interaction with networks of national and international scientists specialized in these fields.

InfoSol was created in 2001 to coordinate and implement the data acquisition programs of the Soil Scientific Interest Group (Gis Sol) which brings together the Ministries in charge of agriculture and the environment, Ademe, INRA, IGN and IRD. The objectives of the GIS Sol are to build and manage an information system (SI) on crop rotations in France and to design, guide and coordinate inventory actions and operational monitoring of their qualities. In this context, InfoSol coordinates the work of the GIS Sol partners according to harmonized methodologies and provides them a national information system to capitalize on data, and further make it available to the scientific community and the public authorities.


Research Fields

To improve soil knowledge and the evolution of their qualities, InfoSol develops research programs including inventory and monitoring programs of INRA and Gis Sol, all carried out in collaboration with numerous partners in the region. InfoSol develops and promotes original statistical methodologies for the development of sampling strategies and the exploitation of data, in particular for the mapping of soil properties and evolution.


InfoSol coordinates the following programs:

  • IGCS Program: improved soil management through surveying soils

This program offers the French regions a support to carry out an inventory of their soils at different scales. It offers a unique computer structure model - DoneSol - to organize the collected data.


  • Program "Geographical Database of French Soils" (BDGSF)

The French Soil Geographical Database at a scale of 1: 1,000,000 is a simplified representation of the spatial diversity of soils in France.


  • RMQS Program: observing and monitoring soil quality over time

The soil quality measurement network (RMQS) provides a national assessment of the state and evolution of soils with a temporal monitoring of more than 2,000 points spread evenly over the French territory.


  • Program "Land Analysis Database" (BDAT) and "Traces elements Database" (BDETM)

Both programs collect soil analysis made either to check soil fertility or prior spreading sewage sludge on land.


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Antonio Bispo


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