Facilitators : Gaëlle Tallec, Gérard Lacroix, Pascal Jouquet, Nicolas Beaudouin

FIRE’s activities are based on acquiring experimental and field data, which involves the use of a certain number of shared infrastructures and facilities, the existence and maintenance of which are essential to supporting the interdisciplinary research interactions the Federation seeks to promote. In addition to FIRE’s own analytical equipment and that of the laboratories – which are numerous and open to scientists in the context of shared projects – there are various available infrastructures, ranging from the completely controlled conditions of Ecotrons to experimental plots of land representing specific local meteorological conditions and soil characteristics, to catchment areas in general, and including human activities and socio-ecological trajectories. FIRE also manages data bases that are available to all its member laboratories.


  • Infrastuctures
  • Plateform Bio-chem
  • Facilities
  • GIS and data bases