CESCO, Centre d’Écologie et de Sciences de la COnservation

UMR 7204 CESCO (anciennement CERSP)

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CESCO is composed of two research teams (BEC and SES) and two citizen science platforms (CRBPO and Vigie-Nature).

Team 'Ecological Bases of Conservation'
Its overall objective is to understand the ecological and evolutionary responses of biodiversity to global change, to optimize its management and conservation. The originality of the work, at the national or even international level, based on the use of large data sets for studying biodiversity responses to environmental change to ecological scales, spatial and temporal considered little else. Experimental approaches finer scale are not so far neglected (or even experimental sciences including participatory projects with Vigie-Nature).

Team ‘Social-Ecological Systems’

In the SES team, we develop research at the interface between conservation biology and different disciplines from social sciences, according to the specializations and interests of the researchers involved or associated with the team: political sciences, management sciences, conservation psychology and economy.
In addition to specific research projects, we organize weekly meetings, where we build a common culture based on science-society relations according to conservation.


Direction et/ou correspondant FIRE: 

Laurent Palka (correspondant)


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